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Image Referencing

You are required to have a legal license from the Artist/Company or agent if you intend to create referenced/derivative work for any commercial use or for sale, including but not limited to: prints, competitions, 3D models, CDs, posters, websites, merchandise, etc. At this time, Ed Wargin Photographs™, The Great Lakes Film Collection™ and Bliva Media LLC is not permitting issue of any reference or derivative work licenses.

Image Sharing

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You may provide a link on your site to the website but you may not incorporate any visual image from Ed Wargin Photographs™, The Great Lakes Film Collection™ and Bliva Media LLC into the content itself. 


Licensing & Syndication

If you are seeking an opportunity to license or syndicate any Ed Wargin Photographs (Ed Wargin Film Collection™)  + The Great Lakes Film Collection™ photographs, please contact our office for additional information.

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