The Great Lakes Coastal Districts

Visual Heritage and Cultural Surveys

The collection also includes film plates from these noteworthy visual studies of the Great Lakes.


The Fresh Coast Film Plates

NARRATIVE: The landscape of the Great Lakes as experienced through the lens of Ed Wargin over thirty years time. These artistic film plates of the American and Canadian Coastal District landscapes tell the narrative of the Great Lakes region as a whole.


The Voelker's Pond Film Plates

NARRATIVE: John Voelker was a Michigan Supreme Court Justice and an American fly fishing icon—but to avid readers of 1950s bestsellers, he was also known as Robert Traver, the author of the award-winning classics Anatomy of a Murder and Trout Madness. The Voelker's Pond Series is a visual film study of his private, hidden one-room cabin and fish camp nestled in the deep woods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

*Contains the original works created for the award-winning book titled Voelker’s Pond - A Robert Traver Legacy. Published in 2003 by Huron River Press.


The Legends of Light Film Plates

NARRATIVE: The Legends of Light series is the artistic visual study of public and private Great Lakes lighthouses located throughout Michigan's famed four lighthouse coasts and islands.

*Contains the original works created for the award-winning book titled Legends of Light - A Michigan Lighthouse Portfolio. Published in 2005 by Ann Arbor Media Group.




The Great Lakes Cottage Film Plates

NARRATIVE: The color reversal film photographs in this survey examine the cottages, camps and cabins of the Great Lakes as well as the boathouses, wooden power boats, landscapes, wooded trails, and beaches of the lifestyle, all in the search for the true definition of their meaning.

*Contains the original works created for the award-winning book titled The Great Lakes Cottage Book. Published in 2000 by Sleeping Bear Press.


The Spirit of the Land Film Plates

NARRATIVE: The Spirit of the Land film photographs is an artistic visual film study of unique landscape features from one of the greatest Great Lakes states, Michigan.

*Contains the original works created for the book titled Michigan - The Spirit of the Land. Published in 1999 by Voyageur Press.


The Mackinac Island Film Plates

NARRATIVE: The Mackinac Island film was conceived by Ed Wargin to make photographs of this historic island in the heart of the Great Lakes in all of its splendor, over the course of one full year.


The Au Sable Longboat Film Plates

NARRATIVE: The Au Sable Longboat film plates were part of an editorial assignment by Ed Wargin to make photographs of the historic and culturally significant Au Sable River riverboats, and its famed trout waters of the Great lakes.


The Panoramic Film Plates

NARRATIVE: Working with a Hasselblad X Pan camera, an 35mm panoramic camera known for its stunning film photographs, Wargin explored using this panoramic rangefinder camera, highlighting the unique perspective of the dramatic scenes provided by sweeping Great Lakes coastlines.


Leopold’s Les Cheneaux Film Plates

NARRATIVE: Little known to many, young Aldo Leopold spent his childhood summers at a cottage in Lake Huron's Les Cheneaux Islands district, an archipelago of 32 islands. This Americana film work, originally for an editorial assignment, captures a narrow glimpse into a rarely seen side of the historic Great Lakes.