Photographer Ed Wargin

Special Edition of Fine Prints.


Most prints are released in very limited numbers for the benefit of the art collector. A special edition of 3 prints are available to collectors, along with a 1 artist proof *minimum which are held in private reserve. 


About the prints from the “Recent Work” portfolios


Museum Grade Fine Art Printing Paper

Our fine art prints are created using premium museum grade fine art printing papers, which typically have a matte, smooth finish to their surface. For our editions, we work with the finest archival inks, resulting in a print that will last for generations when displayed under the proper conditions. 


Three Editioned Prints

Prints numbered 1 thru 3 ( 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 ) are made available for personal, corporate and institutional art collectors. All prints are stamped verso, numbered and signed. Our Authentication Stamp includes the print title, film plate made (year), the film plate number, and the print edition number. Each print is signed by the artist and comes complete with a Letter of Authenticity from photographer Ed Wargin.

One Artist Proof Print*

The original *Artist Proof (AP) prints are held in reserve as part of the photographer's own private holdings. Each AP print is signed and numbered verso and is given a special "AP" identifier as follows: Artist Proof Print No. 1 ( AP 1/2 ), etc. Note: Photographer Ed Wargin's Artist Proofs may be released in the future. (see special note below)



*SPECIAL NOTE: Ed Wargin reserves the right to make gallery and museum exhibition prints as needed - all of which will be documented and added to the Artist Proof reserves and will be marked with a special EP designation (including the EP edition number). The EP editions might be sold during any given exhibition or will be kept in the artists private holdings indefinitely for a possible release date in the future.

Your Special Edition Print will be the only print ever made with the exclusive 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 designation.


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