Color reversal film originals with rangebound print editions, North is a field survey of understated northern landscapes.


* Click on each film plate to view full composition.


In This Print Series:


Each print is created by the artist.

Each print is either 20" x 25" or 20" x 30" (based on original negative size) plus border.

Each print is signed verso.

Each print is unframed.

Each print from The Rust is part of a Special Edition of 5 with 2 Artist Proofs. 

*Note:  Photographer Ed Wargin reserves the right to make gallery and museum exhibition prints as needed - all of which will be documented and added to the Artist Proof reserves.





Canon EOS 1V camera + a lens range between 16mm - 200mm

Pentax 67ii MF camera + 45mm and 90mm lenses


Kodak VS ISO 100, E6, medium and 35mm format film stocks

Fujifilm Velvia ISO 50/100, E6 medium and 35mm format film stocks