(adj.) Boreal:  of the north.

Boreal is an ongoing black & white film survey by photographer Ed Wargin. The lands appear anxious as discord plays between fractured light and ambiguous shadow areas, causing simultaneous tension and peace. The work examines this landscape of shapes as subtle grounds we travel through on our way to the strand.


* Click on each film plate to view larger.


In This Print Series:


Each print is created by the artist.

Each print is 30" x 30" plus border.

Each print is signed verso.

Each print is unframed.

Each print in from Boreal  is part of a Special Edition of 5 with 2 Artist Proofs.

*Note: Boreal is an unpublished work in progress. Photographer Ed Wargin reserves the right to make gallery and museum exhibition prints as needed - all of which will be documented and added to the Artist Proof reserves.





Mamiya 6 MFR camera + 50mm f4.0-22 lens


Kodak TMX ISO100 B&W medium format film stock