The Solivagant Series

(n.) Solivagant: a solitary wanderer

Black and white film photographs with rangebound print editions, this photographic survey from the Great Lakes Coastal Districts reflects the rhythmic movement and visual harmonics of the landscape. The use of space in each film plate contemplates the unknown histories of each place, whereas the limbs and roots appear as ancient sinew amidst gradations of light, resilient evidence of a universe that is permanent, even if the solivagant is not. 


* Click on each film plate for full composition and to view larger.




Fuji GW690III MFR + Fujinon 90mm f3.5-32 lens

Pentax 67/67ii MF + 45mm f4.5-22 lens  


Fuji Acros ISO 100 B&W medium format film stock

Kodak TMX ISO 100 B&W medium format film stock


*Note: The Solivagant is a new unpublished work in progress.