The Murmuring Coast

(n.) Murmuring: a low continuous sound. (n.) Coast: the part of the land near the sea; the edge of the land.

In this black & white film work from narrative fine art photographer Ed Wargin, The Murmuring Coast (produced between 2005-2017) is about making photographs of the movement and the harmonics of a landscape. Waves that relentlessly pound the shore. Shifting sands. Beach grasses that gently saunter in the wind. Each film plate is an expression of that motion, an exercise of placing and supplanting the sounds of the coast on each film plate.


CAMERA + LENS: Fuji GW690III MFR + Fujinon 90mm f3.5-32 lens plus a Pentax 67/67ii MF + 45mm f4.5-22 lens  

FILM: Fujifilm Acros ISO100 B&W 12o mm film stock plus a Kodak TMX ISO100 B&W 12o mm film stock

Click on each film plate for full composition and to view larger.

*Note: The Murmuring Coast is a new unpublished work in progress. Private print collector inquiries are welcome.