Stoneleaf is an original work created using a color reversal film stock.



Origin Year:    1998

Camera: Pentax 67 M.F.C. with a 90mm wide angle lens

Film Stock: Fuji Velvia 50

Archival Film Plate: No. 18

Origin Location: Split Rock, Minnesota, Lake Superior



Size:       30" x 40"

Paper:    A Hot Press Fine Art Paper that is an acid free, 100% cotton rag with a bright smooth finish.

Signed:   Au Verso

Edition:  1 / 3 

Holdings: The Fresh Coast Film Collection™ and the Ed Wargin Print Collection™

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NOTE TO THE COLLECTOR: This particular piece is part of a select Edition of 3, fine art photographic prints being offered from the Ed Wargin Print Collection™. 

Your fine art collector print will arrive with a certificate of authentication and a handwritten letter from the artist containing a brief summary about how the photograph was originally made on location. 

Your print will be signed and numbered in pencil au verso with the special designation of either 1/3, or 2/3 or 3/3, depending where the edition count is at any given moment in time. The special designation means that no other print will be made available for purchase upon the final closing of this edition series from the Ed Wargin Print Collection™ offering. You and only two other collectors will be the sole owners of an exclusive print from the Ed Wargin Print Collection™ and the Fresh Coast Film Collection™, with the exception of any Exhibition Prints and Artist Proofs which are currently held in a very finite number as part of the artist's private holdings. 

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