Ed Wargin

"In Progress" is about our latest upcoming film work & prints being released from the studio. 


Rust. New color negative film work coming late summer of 2017. 

from photographer Ed Wargin. 

Rust. After visually surveying the natural history of the American and Canadian Great Lakes Coastal Districts for the last 30 years, while developing his landmark photographic film work for The Fresh Coast Film Collection™,  photographer Ed Wargin has turned his observations toward an unfamiliar landscape. In his new series titled Rust, he experiments using Kodak's Ektar 100, Portra 160 and 400 color negative (C-41) films along with two different 30+ year-old medium format cameras, a Mamiya 6 MF Rangefinder with a 50mm f3.5 lens and a Pentax 67ii with a 90mm F2.8 lens to push further beyond the Fresh Coast and to skirt the visual nuances of the deindustrialization of our Great Lakes.

Below is a sample portfolio. 



New, summer of 2017, Photographer Ed Wargin's latest B&W film work titled; Molderings



Molderings is about going back to the landscapes of my past; to survey if my memories are whole and intact, to rediscover these pale recollections in both the reality and remembrances.

This body of work was created using a Fujifilm Acros B&W 12o mm film stock. A great film medium for making long exposures, with a grain structure that is smooth along with grey tonal values that are both subtle and forgiving. Each film plate was made using a Fuji 69 medium format rangefinder camera with a fixed Fujinon f3.5-32 90mm lens. The camera is a no frills tool. It has no light meter. No internal electronics. No need for even a battery. The glass is tack sharp with the apertures and shutter speeds mounted on top of the lens barrel. That is it. A nearly perfect in-the-field camera to work with in the unrelenting and coarse elements of the Great Lakes.

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New Film Work (released 2016)

Working with the square format using Color Reversal (E6) films and a recently acquired 30+ year old medium format rangefinder camera.