Hinterlands, series no. 2

(n.) Hinterlands:  the often uncharted areas beyond a coastal district.  

Color negative film originals with rangebound print editions, this photographic work is a survey of man’s relationship with the considerable coastal landscape of the Great Lakes. The waters appear restrained with the regressive light of the fifth season. Here, backroad and blue highway abstractions permeate the work; the hardened steel of man's enterprise, leftover from the industrial revolution, emerges as contrast within these North American Coastal Districts. This is the Hinterlands.


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Mamiya 6 MFR camera + 50mm f4.0-22 lens

Pentax 67ii MF + 90mm f4.5-22 lens


Kodak Ektar ISO 100, C41, medium format film stock

 Kodak Portra ISO 160/400 C41 medium format film stock


*Note: Hinterlands, Series No. 2 is a new unpublished work in progress.