Field Notes

(pl. n.) field notes: notes made by a person who is engaged in fieldwork.

Photographer Ed Wargin had been developing in his mind,  a visual catalog of sorts, of the blue highway abstractions from his expeditions in and around the Great Lakes Coastal Districts from the past 30 years. Working on other long form art projects at the time, he didn't pull over to make those photographs. Until now. Field Notes is a new series of narrative fine art color negative film photographs made in 2017. Our Great Lakes landscape is speaking to us. Are we listening?



CAMERA + LENS: Mamiya 6 MFR camera + 50mm f4.0-22 lens plus a Pentax 67ii MF + 90mm f4.5-22 lens

FILM: Kodak Ektar ISO100 C41 12o mm film stock + Kodak Portra ISO 160 & 400 C41 120mm film stock


Click on each film plate to view larger.


*Note: Field Notes is a new unpublished work in progress. Private print collector inquiries are welcome.