(n.) Distances: an interval of time; an amount of space between two things

For North American photographer Ed Wargin, this new black & white film work for Distances is about going back to the landscapes from his past 30 years of working in and around the Great Lakes; and to survey if the memories are whole and intact, to rediscover the pale recollections in both the reality and remembrances.


CAMERA + LENS: Fuji GW690III MFR + Fujinon 90mm f3.5-32 lens plus a Pentax 67/67ii MF + 45mm f4.5-22 lens  

FILM: Fujifilm Acros ISO100 B&W 12o mm film stock plus a Kodak TMX ISO100 B&W 12o mm film stock

Click on each film plate to view larger.

*Note: This is a new unpublished work in progress. Private print collector inquiries are welcome.