(n.) Borderlines:  a division between two distinct (often extreme) conditions.

Formerly a robust landscape of boreal forests, deciduous and mixed woodlands, fields and fens, rivers and lakes, replaced with an understory of concrete and blacktop and a canopy made of brick, mortar, glass, steel, wood, and enterprise from a once thriving industrial revolution; a new landscape has emerged inside the belt of these languishing coastal districts. This work, produced in 2017, pushes beyond the Fresh Coast by examining the post-industrialization of the Great Lakes landscape through its Borderlines.



CAMERA + LENS: Mamiya 6 MFR camera + 50mm f4.0-22 lens plus a Pentax 67ii MF + 90mm f4.5-22 lens

FILM: Kodak Ektar ISO100 C41 12o mm film stock + Kodak Portra ISO 160 & 400 C41 120mm film stock


Click on each film plate to view larger.


*Note: Borderlines is a new unpublished work in progress. Private print collector inquiries are welcome.