Panoramic Film Plates


After many months of searching and sifting through numerous boxes, inside of other boxes and finally locating all of my panoramic film plates from the past 20 years, I have edited them down for selection as to be part of the Fresh Coast Film Collection. After creating my baseline for what will be the panoramic film archive, I started scanning each plate individually as a high-resolution digital file as a back up to the actual film plate and entered all of the pertinent information into the collections database. When I finished scanning each panoramic, I then methodically cleaned each digital plate for any dust or scratches, etc. 

Each film plate and its digital companion are readied for the next and final phase, which is to be made as possible exhibition prints, including an artist proof and fine art prints, in the coming months and years ahead. 

A small selection of the film work can be viewed on this website at: Breadth 

To view additional works, visit our Fresh Coast Film Collection website: The Panoramic Landscapes

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