North American Photographer Ed Wargin is one of the Great Lakes’ most respected photographers. Over the course of his career he has specialized in understanding the elusive elements of natural light, applying this knowledge primarily in the genre of narrative fine art photography. Ed Wargin’s photographic works are held in private and public collections worldwide. His works on the Great Lakes have been produced in several award-winning photographic books. 

Born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota, he began his photographic career while in high school and university, ultimately having studied under some of the countries most talented fine art, commercial and editorial photographers, while living and working in the western United States for several years before eventually moving back to his Great Lakes home.

Working with only film mediums for his fine art narrative photographs, Wargin is known as a consummate storyteller of the craft, his photographs presenting each subject in compelling record and contemplative aesthetic. 

Over the decades, Ed Wargin has dedicated his career to making photographs of the American and Canadian Great Lakes coastal districts. His work includes extensive studies on the natural Great Lakes landscape, including the vast shorelines, rivers, streams, forests, waterfalls, waves, dunes, and prairies of the region. He includes in this work a continual study of manmade historical facets of the Great Lakes region from lighthouses to remnant commercial fishing villages, factories and mills, to historic forts, historic fishing grounds and cross-sections of the North American villages, towns, cities, to cottages, camps, cabins and more.